Stress and change are constant companions in our working lives. Too often there is no time to consider our own goals, the cooperation with our co-workers or clients or about our approach to challenges in our jobs.


I will support you in finding your focus and to reach your goals, for example, in offering support during the first few months of a new leadership position to strengthen your role and to fill your position in a positive manner. Many coachees benefit from organising their thoughts when thinking about a new career direction and translating those thoughts into action. Another focus could be burnout prevention where we can analyse stress factors as well as adverse behavioural patterns and identifying ways to break free of these.


We always focus on your own internal resources. Together we will find out where your strengths are and how you can use them so that you are more relaxed, fully engaged in your work life and more productive.


I offer a first consultation free of charge to assess your individual needs and discuss the next steps.


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