Conflicts can occur whenever people come together. If a conflict seems unsolvable, mediation can re-establish communication and open up new ways to find a solution.


In a mediation process all participants come together to start a conversation. I support you in explaining your perspective and to put your own needs into words. A successful mediation usually concludes with a written or spoken agreement, which includes all the results of the process.


I offer a first consultation free of charge to assess your individual needs and discuss the next steps.

Workplace Mediation

At work we are confronted with people from all manner of backgrounds and characters. Good communication is a must for successful cooperation. Unfortunately our modern hectic work lives often do not leave any time for social interaction. Suppressed disagreements can, over time, develop into major disputes. This leads to a loss of productivity, sick days due to stress and a high turnover of employees. In a mediation all participants get the chance to voice their opinions and viewpoints. Together we will find a path out of the stalemate and work on sustainable solutions for productive cooperation in the future. You will feel strengthened through our meetings and prepared for any future challenges.


I can support you during conflicts in teams and working groups and also offer mediation for conflicts in management or between business partners.


When people spend a lot of time together, disagreements and discord are absolutely normal. But when fights within a relationship escalate in a way that a solution seems impossible, mediation can open up new paths toward reconciliation.


Even when a relationship has already ended in separation, I can support you with mediation. Together we will work out strategies that will help you establish a working relationship as parents, despite your relationship as a couple being over. As an experienced cross-border family mediator I work with families and couples from different cultures and countries. Although I like working with people personally, an online mediation e.g. via Skype may be possible.


Other areas for mediation include disputed inheritances, conflicts between parents and their children, conflicts in patchwork families, disputes amongst neighbours or rental disputes.


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